Deerfield Beach, Florida – November 9, 2011 – St. Paul Lutheran School of Boca Raton, Florida; honors Delaney Hill and presents her with check to add to her fundraising effort. Delaney gave up birthday presents to raise money for people lacking clean safe drinking water and her fellow students and the school honored her by raising money for her cause. Each student made a small contribution for the right to dress down on Dress Down Day for Water, and combined

  Deerfield Beach, FL – September 30, 2011 – Amway Corporation becomes a Platinum Corporate Sponsor.Amway Corporation of ADA Michigan joins the growing list of sponsors for Wishing Well International Foundation.  Amway has been involved in Corporate Social Responsibility programs for a long time and is closely involved with the Safe Water Team (SWT), a Michigan NGO Wishing Well just partnered with in order to broaden its reach to people in need.  SWT has set up distribution centers in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras

Issa Al-Kharusy and Mr. and Mrs. Bomni of Filtrex, a Foundation Platinum SponsorSeptember 12, 2011.  Members of the WWIF Corporate team flew to Colorado to attend the WQA Mid-Year Conference.  Guillermo Guzman, Founder and CEO; Issa Al-Kharusy, Senior VP Global Marketing; Denise Al-Kharusy, Marketing Director and Kurt Peterson, VP of Marketing attended the conference.  WQA Mid-Year draws the entire WQA Board of Directors and other key members of the WQA and the the Water Purification Industry.

Our goal at this conference was

Wishing Well International Foundation and Safe Water Team, an NGO out of Michigan whose sponsors have made it possible to establish Hydraid distrbutions centers in Ghana, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Honduras, have forged an agreement of mutual cooperation.  Under this agreement SWT will assist WWIF in fine tuning and implementing a fundraising strategy geared more towards reaching the water purification industry.

The Water Quality Association (WQA) has 2,400 members plus thousands more water industry professionals world wide.  The Foundation is currently a WQA member in good

Deerfield Beach - August 11, 2011 – Lighthouse Point 10 year old gives up birthday presents to raise money for people without clean safe drinking water.

Inspired by the Rachel Beckwith story, Delaney Hill, daughter of Lighthouse Point residents Kim Bergmark Hill and Andrew Hill, has decided that instead of presents she also wants to raise money for people lacking access to safe clean drinking water. Delaney learned about Rachel through her mother who was touched by the article she

Rachel Beckwith's dream is our Mission

Rachel Beckwith was just 9 years old when she died on Saturday July 24; however her thirst for bringing clean drinking water to those in need must live on.  Rachel was taken off life support on Saturday after she sustained fatal injuries in a 14-vehicle pile up near her home in Bellevue, Washington three days earlier, CNN reported.

For her birthday in June she had asked her friends and relatives to donate money instead of giving her presents.  Rachel was

A big Thank you to all our fans who follow our stories on FB. Thank you for sharing the links and letting all your friends know about our activities.  This creates awareness and the end result is support for the Foundation and the people we are trying to help.  Below are some statistics sent by FACEBOOK regarding our page:

726 monthly active users 566 since last week

134 people like this 71 since last week

10 wall posts or comments this week 9 since

In the US, Kurt Peterson of Water Conditioning & Purification takes on marketing responsibilities as VP of Marketing, Strategic Donor Relations and Media. As the Advertising Director of WC&P, Kurt has developed close relationships with many industry members. He has been an avid recruiter of members for the Water Quality Association over the years and is well respected and liked by everyone in the industry. Kurt will actively manage a stream of communication with current and future donors to keep

I would like to thank everyone for a great turn out at the First Annual Lighthouse Point Chili Cook Off benefitting Wishing Well.

A special thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and resources for such great cause, to all the businesses and individuals who sponsored the event by donating items to be auctioned off and everyone who participated in the Tennis and cook off.

To all the tennis members and Chili chefs for putting up with Faith's harassment, but most of

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 22, 2011– Honduran President Porfirio Lobo and safe water advocates Triple Quest, Health and Humanitarian Outreach Projects (HHOP), Safe Water Team, and Vida Abundante Ministry have announced a new collaboration to install 40,000 Hydraid® BioSand Water Filters throughout Honduras during the next five years. Over the longer term, the group envisions supplying Honduras’ need for more than 265,000 of the innovative filters, which have been shown to effectively combat the leading causes of death and disease

Wishing Well has been in contact with Cascade Engineering so we can participate in the effort of deployment of Hydraid units to the tsunami victims in Japan. There are over 1.5 million people without safe water at this time and this number is likely to increase. The ships will sail from San Diego at the end of March. To those of you who have already donated to our cause a big heartfelt thank you. To those of you who have

Prior to the end of April on the 25th and 26th, meetings were held between Wishing Well and Food For The Poor. At the April26 meeting it was decided Wishing Well will ship one pallet of Hydraid filters to be used for Haiti. This marks the beginning of what we hope will be a long relationship. There is much work to be done in Haiti and we feel Food for the Poor is the right partner to do it with.

 Meeting with WQA very positive.  The meeting with Peter Censky and Margit Fotre was better than expected.  Peter Censky commended the work done to date by WWIF and vows to mention the Foundation and its purpose at his lecture at the upcoming WQA Annual Convention.  Robert Hague, President of the WQA, offered the Foundation a booth at the upcoming Exhibition in San Antonio, however due to such short notice the Foundation elected to be featured at H2O International’s booth (Booth

• University of North Carolina Symposium. WWIF attends UNC symposium on water to learn about sustainable technologies available for developing countries. While at the symposium Guillermo Guzman holds a meeting with Ken Conrad, Senior Scientist for Access Business Group Intl LLC and learns about Biosand technology. Ken has been using the Hydraid® system and has been doing research on ways to make the system more efficient. Ken suggests a visit to Cascade Engineering, the manufacturers of the Hydraid® System in

• Trade magazines open to help WWIF.  Water Technology Magazine and Water Quality Products publication offer to help the Foundation with press releases and advertisement. This would be an excellent venue to let the water industry members know of the activities related to the Foundation. Guillermo Guzman will also approach Water Conditioning & Purification magazine and ask for its support.

• Meeting with Cascade Engineering. In the middle of November and before the Thanksgiving Holiday a meeting is set up at

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