Guillermo Guzman

Founder & CEO

Guillermo is the President of H2O International, a manufacturer of POU and POE water filtration systems in Deerfield Beach, Florida. During the extensive traveling throughout his career, Guillermo became personally aware of the dire need for clean water. Compelled into action, he busily set out to recruit his colleagues to help him do something about it, which led to the creation of Wishing Well International Foundation in 2010.


Issa Al-Kharusy

Senior VP of Strategic Development & Global Marketing

Issa is the President of KDF Fluid Treatment Inc., the sole manufacturer of KDF media which is widely used throughout the water purification industry. As a well-respected member of the WQA, Issa directs the efforts for the recruitment of WWIF sponsors within the association and also within non-industry corporations.


Kurt C. Peterson

VP of Marketing Strategic Donor Relations and Media

Kurt is the Publisher of WC&P Magazine, a leading┬ápublication in the water industry since 1959. Kurt’s experience as a top member recruiter for the WQA lends to his efforts of recruiting sponsors for the Foundation. He manages the communication flow between current and prospective WWIF donors, plus marketing campaigns and press releases.


Mark Bertler

VP of Fundraising and Corporate Relations

Mark is the Managing Director at OfferBoard Securities. With more than 25 years of experience in the water, wastewater and environmental industries, Mark heads the fundraising and corporate relations for the Foundation. He has extensive experience with numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Pentair, Sta-Rite Industries and US Filter.

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