Deerfield Beach, FL – February 15, 2017 – Wishing Well International Foundation’s 10-1-10 Africa Expedition will begin on Friday, August 25 and will conclude 10 days later, on September 3. During the expedition, WWIF representatives and sponsors will travel in a convoy of 4×4 vehicles across southern Africa to deploy water filtration systems. The trip will present a unique opportunity to join the effort of providing clean water to those most in need, plus the adventure of traveling through Africa. Late August is the end of winter in the southern hemisphere, an ideal time of year for outdoor activities with cool weather in southern Africa.

People living in the rural areas of South Africa and Swaziland have struggled considerably in recent years due to drought conditions in the region. WWIF’s major expedition was originally scheduled for May 2016 but was then postponed due to a lack of water in many of the areas where the water filters were going to be deployed. That month, WWIF representatives conducted a mini-expedition during which they installed 33 filters.

Sponsors also have the option of joining the expedition itself, witnessing the wildness of Africa and meeting the people who benefit from the filters. “Bringing sponsors along during deployments has always been a priority for us,” said Guillermo Guzman, Founder and CEO of WWIF. “When they finally see the real impact of their giving, the lives that are changed, they become dedicated to this cause. Before, they were sponsors. Now they’re clean-water advocates.” The ’10-1-10′ in the expedition’s title is to emphasize that for every donation of $10, 1 person is provided with clean, safe drinking water for 10 years, through the use of two-stage filters were developed by Amway, a major sponsor of the expedition.

Amway’s biofoam filter featuring BlueQ technology

The first stage of the filtration process will separate the water from visible dirt and debris. The water then passes to a stage where it comes into contact with a biological foam, which kills bacteria, viruses and cysts, before the water can be poured out through a spout. The significant reduction of these contaminants in local water is a literal lifesaver for those who drink it and cook with it. Considering the low-cost of the filters and their effectiveness over 10 years, the Foundation’s ongoing effort is to buy as many filters as possible with sponsorship funds and to deploy them in the most critical areas of the world.

The sickness and premature death that results from contaminated water is completely preventable. Wishing Well International Foundation is actively seeking generous sponsors and donors to join the cause for clean water. Several sponsorship opportunities are still available for the event. A professional video crew will chronicle all aspects of the trip, providing positive exposure for WWIF and the companies that support its clean-water mission. In addition, on March 28 during the WQA Annual Convention & Exposition in Orlando, FL, WWIF will host its 5th Annual Golf Tournament at the Shingle Creek Golf Club to raise additional awareness and funds for the expedition. The event is a joint effort with the Florida Water Quality Association. Click here to learn more about sponsoring and/or participating in that event.

Click here to learn more about the 10-1-10 Africa Expedition.

Thank you for your support.

WWIF 10-1-10 banner

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  • 884 million people in the world do not have access to clean water.
  • 1.6 million children die each year from waterborne diseases.
  • The Millennium Development Goal on child survival (MDG 4) will remain beyond our reach until diarrheal disease, poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water issues are addressed.
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