Wishing Well International Foundation is born: Finally, a few years after the idea was born and after diligently refining the concept and deciding on the right timing, Guillermo Guzman Founder and CEO of Wishing Well International Foundation incorporates in the State of Florida. Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF) is a Non-Profit organization bringing clean safe drinking water to developing areas. WWIF will also focus on Sanitation and Hygiene to enhance the quality of life and reduce disease and mortality. 100% of public donations are used to fund the different projects.

Key Individuals join The Team: Issa Al-Kharussy and Tony Marchesini join in the efforts of Wishing Well International Foundation. Issa Al-Kharussy, President of KDF Fluid Treatment Inc., open heartedly accepts the position of Senior Vice President, Strategic Development & Global Marketing. Issa’s first assignment is to persuade the Water Quality Association to support our efforts so that the entire industry can be behind it. This will bring credibility to the Foundation while at the same time creating good PR for the Association. Tony Marchesini, Managing Director of H2O International South Africa, accepts the position of Senior Vice President of Operations for Africa. Guillermo Guzman, Founder of the Foundation, has an excellent relationship with Tony dating back to 1994. Through the years they talked about one day giving back with the urge to do something growing stronger and stronger in recent years. 2010 was finally the year. Tony will use his existing offices and warehouse as well as his network of Franchises to support WWIF and to get product out where it is most needed. H2O International South Africa has franchisees in 5 countries in Southern Africa.

WWIF joins Water Quality Association. While visiting Interbev 2010 in Orlando Guillermo Guzman shares his vision with Margit Fotre, Director of Membership and Marketing for the Water Quality Association. Margit embraces the idea and suggests The Foundation joins the Association.


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  • 884 million people in the world do not have access to clean water.
  • 1.6 million children die each year from waterborne diseases.
  • The Millennium Development Goal on child survival (MDG 4) will remain beyond our reach until diarrheal disease, poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water issues are addressed.
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