Issa Al-Kharusy and Mr. and Mrs. Bomni of Filtrex, a Foundation Platinum SponsorIssa Al-Kharusy and Mr. and Mrs. Bomni of Filtrex, a Foundation Platinum SponsorSeptember 12, 2011.  Members of the WWIF Corporate team flew to Colorado to attend the WQA Mid-Year Conference.  Guillermo Guzman, Founder and CEO; Issa Al-Kharusy, Senior VP Global Marketing; Denise Al-Kharusy, Marketing Director and Kurt Peterson, VP of Marketing attended the conference.  WQA Mid-Year draws the entire WQA Board of Directors and other key members of the WQA and the the Water Purification Industry.

Our goal at this conference was to try to reach out to as many executives as possible to request their support and endorsement.  We also approached Board Members one on one to explain our cause and request their support so the efforts of the Foundation becomeIndustry Efforts. 

Everything was going as planned until we met with Denise Urbans, president of the WQA, who suggested a spot under New Business at the Board of Directors meeting.  This gave us the unexpected opportunity to have the entire Board in one room and present our cause to them.  The presentation started with:  One Child dies every twenty seconds.  This is uneccessary and unacceptable to us and it should be to the entire industry.  The reaction from everyone was positive and board members have now requested we put our request for endorsement in writing for consideration at the next board meeting in Amsterdam. Some members also suggested we request a line item for funding from the WQA.

Endorsement by the board and WQA should spark additional interest from industry members and will allow the WQA to participate in marketing efforts for the growth of the Foundation.  If approved, the endorsement will be a giant step forward for the Foundation.

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  • 884 million people in the world do not have access to clean water.
  • 1.6 million children die each year from waterborne diseases.
  • The Millennium Development Goal on child survival (MDG 4) will remain beyond our reach until diarrheal disease, poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water issues are addressed.
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